The Body Of Christ In Action

faith-hope-and-loveThe other night, my wife Elaine and I had the privilege to come together with group of people to support our good friends, Sean and Brenda Clapp and their family. You see, Brenda has cancer and it is very aggressive. Brenda was diagnosed a while ago and was able to push it back into remission for a short while. But the cancer came back. And when it did, it came back with a vengeance as cancer does. So the other night, we came together in support of Brenda and Sean and their family. The common bond of the group is simple – A belief in God and in His son Jesus Christ. So we sang songs, we prayed, we hugged each other, we joke and laugh, and we cried. And all of this was done to praise our God and to praise the sacrifice of His son on the cross so that we may have eternal life. We came to lift Brenda up to the throne of God.

I was blown away by all the people who took time out of their schedules to come and be with Brenda and Sean. The hope and peace that sprang out of that moment is what I will remember most. You see, the body of Christ was at work. I have not faced a life threatening illness or some other major tragedy in my life yet. But if and when I do, I know I can rely on God’s peace in my heart and I know the body of Christ will be in action again. As I mention on my “About Me” page on this site, I won’t shove my faith in your face. But I was so moved by what took place that I had to share it. So I will ask, what will you lean on when you are faced with tragedy in your life? As for me, I place my faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice! Brenda and Sean – You and your family are loved and prayers will continue.


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