Why I Have Decided To Blog

img_9007My name is Kevin McKeown and I have decided to start my own blog. As this is my first attempt at blogging, I am sure it will be a bit rough. I am not the greatest of writers as many of you can attest to but I decided I wanted a place where I could put my thoughts, opinions, ideas, or anything of interest for others to see. It may be music, thoughts on a movie I have seen, or an article that I feel is worth sharing. In short, it could be anything I find interesting. I also invite you to send to me things you find interesting. If I like it, I might just have to share it as well.

The comment section of the blog is turned on as I welcome your thoughts on what I share. I do not mind if you do not like what I have posted or have a different take. All I ask is that you share constructively. When sitting behind our computers, it is so much easier to just go off on something or someone then if you were sitting in front of that person. I would ask that you pretend I am sitting right in front of you. It is okay to have different beliefs and opinions. I believe we are all made uniquely which means we will see things differently. With that said, I will close out my first blog entry. I look forward to any comments you have. Take Care!


4 thoughts on “Why I Have Decided To Blog”

  1. Didn’t know your nick name or pen name was Mike. Sounds like Mike Hammer. Cool. Will follow and reply at times. Like that your doing this. I never have tuned into a blog .

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