When You Were Mine

Never Kick A sleeping Dog“When You Were Mind” was originally written by Prince and was released on his 1980’s album Dirty Mind. Cyndi Lauper also recorded a cover version of the song that was a mid-tempo ballad and was included on her 1983 album She’s So Unusual. Although I had heard both versions of the song, the one I like the most is the one that Mitch Ryder did (also released in 1983) and was included on his album Never Kick a Sleeping Dog.

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A Fresh Start

Hello again all,

About a year and a half ago, I started this blog as an experiment and as a way to express my thoughts and ideas.  A place to share more about myself. However, life has a way of taking over sometimes. Shortly after I started this blog, we sold our house. We had less than 4 weeks to move and that included finding a new place to live. As you can imagine, it was a bit hectic and stressful.

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