Take It Easy

glenAs I shared on my “About Me” page on this site, music is very important in my life. It has the power to change my mood, take me to another time and place, motivate me, or remind me of what’s important or what’s not. In short, music touches my soul on so many different levels and in so many different ways. Continue reading “Take It Easy”

The Body Of Christ In Action

faith-hope-and-loveThe other night,┬ámy wife Elaine and I had the privilege to come together with group of people to support our good friends, Sean and Brenda Clapp and their family. You see, Brenda has cancer and it is very aggressive. Brenda was diagnosed a while ago and was able to push it back into remission for a short while. Continue reading “The Body Of Christ In Action”

Why I Have Decided To Blog

img_9007My name is Kevin McKeown and I have decided to start my own blog. As this is my first attempt at blogging, I am sure it will be a bit rough. I am not the greatest of writers as many of you can attest to but I decided I wanted a place where I could put my thoughts, opinions, ideas, or anything of interest for others to see. Continue reading “Why I Have Decided To Blog”