A Fresh Start

Hello again all,

About a year and a half ago, I started this blog as an experiment and as a way to express my thoughts and ideas.  A place to share more about myself. However, life has a way of taking over sometimes. Shortly after I started this blog, we sold our house. We had less than 4 weeks to move and that included finding a new place to live. As you can imagine, it was a bit hectic and stressful.

Shortly after getting moved into our new place, health issues arose as cancer visited our home. Fortunately, it was found early and they were able to treat and cancer is no longer in our home. But I must tell you it is no fun dealing with it. Additionally, we lost 2 great friends this past year to the disease. My prayers continue to go out to those families and anyone who has to deal with this disease. Along the way, we elected a new president that seemed to ignite the world in a way I have never experienced before. To say the least, it has been a long year and a half. My hope is to get back into this adventure of blogging. No promises on a schedule but you should start seeing me around more. And feel free to drop me a line along the way. I would love to hear your thoughts on anything I post.

Take care!


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